If you have landed on this page, first let us say welcome.

We created this page at legrasoap.co (not legrasoap.co.uk) because we don't want you to think we didn't care about you. We have discovered that sometimes when people want to buy our natural products they, without realising, incorrectly input the words that are used to search for us by mistake. For example, when searching they might write lerga, leegra, lergaa, legrra, legrs, leggra, legrasop, legra_soap or legra-soap. It seems wrong to be punished for simple errors; where you are unable to buy your favourite natural deodorant & natural soap, so if you have landed on this page, please press the continue to site button or follow any of the links in the menu above to get you quickly to your intended destination.

Btw, to prove how easy it is to make a mistake, we mistyped our own web address at the start of the paragraph above.

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