We are Cheryl and Andy Dunbar, husband and wife team and parents to 4 almost grown up kids.

The foundations of LEGRA were laid in November 2018 when we set about learning the art of cold process soap making and exploring what is needed in a good hard working and aluminium free deodorant. Understanding essential oil blending and sourcing good quality all natural ingredients were the building blocks. We wanted to create an all-natural brand using simple formulas and the best ingredients that we could find. It had to be a brand that not only looked good (let’s face it that’s still important to us all) but most importantly worked really well for all of us, including two basketball playing teenage boys and two busy twenty something (city dwelling) girls.

We spent our days working on formulations, branding, photography and website ideas. We officially launched in the summer of 2020, slap bang in the middle of COVID. We’d been working on LEGRA for over a year and a half and never imagined that we would have launched during the strangest, saddest, scariest period of all our lives.

We created LEGRA because we wanted to find natural, clean and healthy alternatives to the everyday products that our family were using on a daily basis. Our vision from the start was to normalise the use of products that are good for you and the environment. Creating our products in packaging that is plastic free was really important to us, which is why we chose cardboard push up tubes for our deodorants that can be easily recycled or even better - biodegrade in some soil in your garden.

We believe that the products you put on your body everyday should be beautiful, thoughtfully made, good for you and attainable.